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Hello!  I'm your Refresh Coach, Meshele.  I'm glad you’re here.


Client Testimonials

Erin J. 10/1/2019 

Refresh Coaching was my first experience with life coaching and I couldn’t be more thankful! Mishele was able to but a lot of things into perspective for me which helped me focus on what matters so that I could move forward! I highly recommend refresh!

Maranda Thompson 18/1/2019

Meshele has been instrumental in my career advancement. She has a keen ability to identify what intrinsically inspires me and shows me how I can use these motivating factors to achieve personal and business success. Meshele has an uncanny way of reframing my perspective on certain business matters to remove personal roadblocks and allow me to have “fun” in being challenged in my career. I truly appreciate Meshele’s friendly and professional coaching style. I always feel empowered after our session. Thank you, Meshele!

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