Mergers and Acquisitions is a whole new world


But, they are not easy

First things first, don't listen to your internal advisors or listen to them very selectively.

Know what's driving your decision

"If you're only focused on revenue growth in proceeding forward then you're in a better shape than if your main driver is cost-savings"-Warren Buffett

Have the right management in place to lead your implementation

The right people in the right place at the right time is always crucial for success.

If you're in the management role you will experience change

This is a chapter of uncertainty,  the rules are different.

Also, "this new chapter creates a crossroads of opportunities if you get the right people on your side."

What can you do next?

For one thing, you could work with someone that has experience in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions.  Once an M&A has completed you are either the individual employee at the Executive level who is either directly involved with the M&A or not directly involved.  In either case  you need coaching on the skills and tools that help you navigate the new environment with confidence, grace and you want to learn the skills on the winning strategies that create success and a win/win for everyone involved.