Meshele's Journey

"My passion is to learn and contribute".

I am here to meet you where you are, listen well, and focus on getting you results. I am invested in you!

I have been consulting and coaching clients for over 15 years. I have worked alongside executives and business owners, side by side, in the business world to increase productivity and revenues while leveraging all the best in technology and resources to achieve desired bottomline results.  Throughout that time we create winning marketing strategies and real time business tools that produce lasting results! 

Through coaching I partner with my client to create the winning mindset to achieve the necessary outcomes which make for a satisfied and thriving business and personal life! 

The time I spend with you, my client, is all about serving your goals to the fullest with the utmost sincerity.   I am deeply motivated to help create winning strategies for you. I care about you and will help you achieve what you want with ease.


Robin G. Business Owner (Vancouver, Canada)


When first speaking with Meshele, she put me at ease with her tone and sincere interest in learning about what my goals are and the obstacles that are holding me back from attaining them. Meshele helped me identify those areas by brainstorming with me what small actions I could take to lead in me the direction of success. In just a short amount of time, I had an effective action list which could be easily managed and the motivation to get them done to move me into the life I want. Meshele is awesome and I so recommend you working with her so you can reach your dreams too!

Mitch B. Business Owner, N.C., USA

“One hour of coaching with Meshele can only be described in two words: Life Changing”.

Philip, Retired, Southern California

”...She provided what she called coaching, which Meshele defined as keeping goals straight and methods simple".

Kristen C. Coach & Business Owner, New Hampshire 

"I often find myself scattered and overwhelmed. I end the day exhausted, not knowing if I have made any progress. I started working with Meshele to gain clarity and to focus on what my top priorities are and how to find a set direction. With her guidance, I've come to many 'ah-ha' moments that have completely shifted my perspective for the better. Meshele's insight and questioning really has you dig deep to untangle what is preventing you from being your best. She is patient and works with you at your pace. I highly recommend Meshele to anyone who is curious and ready to expand their self awareness.


Clay M., (West Coast, USA) said:

”Got a ton of value out of our first call.  Very professional and punctual.  Excited to grow my business with Meshele.“


Inora Rodriguez, Business Owner (New York)


“Working with Meshele was one of the best investments I made for myself and my business.  She handed me the tools to recognize what needed to change in my personal and professional life. I was having issues prioritizing, managing my time and focusing on income producing activities. It was a 180 degree change after a few sessions. I pride myself in being able to handle my business as a "solopeneur", however sometimes we are so submerged in the issues of the day to day that we lose focus on our ultimate goals. Working with Meshele I came to learn how important is the value of a coach and mentor that has been through it all. The questions and thought process' she guided me through allowed me to understand how small changes could lead to huge leaps that would increase my chances of creating recurrent sources of income. She didn’t tell me what to do or tried to do it for me, she allowed me to come to the conclusions on my own.  She would give me tasks and goals to focus to solve the problem at hand. After the first  session I had already made lots of progress. I love to work with her on regular basis to keep me focused on what is important. Meshele genuinely cares for her clients and takes pride in my success. I absolutely recommend you to schedule a session with her and put your challenges to the rest. She will make it all worth it.” 

Sean M., Business owner (San Francisco, Ca)


Meshele  is a great coach! I know this because she’s helped me literally build my business. Meshele's insights and ability to deliver the right information at the right time is something I’ve seldom witnessed.   Meshele is completely committed to my success, because I’m her client.   If you become a client, she will be completely committed to yours too.!

Bobby C. (Business Owner), Southern California said:

”Meshele is a very effective business coach. She provides pragmatic advice and avoids jargon. Meshele raises consciousness regarding business development and helps individuals improve their skill sets. She demonstrates techniques people can employ immediately to maximize their opportunities with prospective clients."

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